Ki's exquisite creations distinguish themselves from traditional airbrush art in the same manner that the subtle brush strokes of Monet distinguish themselves from a man who uses a brush to paint houses. It is not the medium but the use of it, which creates a masterpiece. Ki's art is filled with the mystery and revelation of Life. His comprehension of light and form reveals the mystical component living within the simplest moment.

Ki's desire to create beauty has inspired a career that has spanned over 30 years. After 15 years, Ki felt he reached a point on his journey where his technique of creating images became filled with fluidity and grace. Ki describes a state of painting where he steps aside to allow his creative process to access deeper and more expanded levels of awareness. This is why Ki's images, filled with joy, inspiration, love and harmony, continue to nourish us day after day as they invite us into a deeper experience of ourselves and the true beauty that lives within each of us.

Ki vision is a window to a perfect world. A world where celestial vision meets the earth in a resounding symphony of discovery. A world where darkness is transmuted into light and inner peace is available to all. Through imagination and inspiration, Ki's work will expand your mind and bring distant dimensions near. On the luminous horizons, you gaze upon iridescent starbursts and light infused castles under the glow of the aurora borealis. We see in every image a view of humanity as a sacred whole.

Science tells us of that of all the senses, we are most affected by the sense of sight. What we take in visually affects us mentally, physically & spiritually. Therefore, it is of great importance that we look upon images which nourish and uplift us, stimulate our imagination and creativity, and fill us with hope and promise. Viewers often express the spiritual and aesthetic stirrings these images elicit within them.

These are paintings of peace, healing and joy that reach into other dimensions and make them real within us. They combine technical excellence with the highest standards of aesthetics to bring an experience of the heart. In these demanding and difficult times, they remind us of what is real.

Ki believes there is an intrinsic need for the human soul to be exposed to beauty, particularly gentleness, softness and light. The soul hungers for this type of energy. Placed in our surroundings, these paintings bring balance and nourishment to our environment and reflect the beauty living within us.

Come with me and explore the art created by Ki.

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