I feel I am a futuristic artist. I like to take people on a journey where harmony and joy lead the way. Over thirty years ago I had a dream. This vision was to create paintings with pure radiant colors and magical forms so wondrous, that just to look upon them, one would be deeply and positively affected.

I feel I have now realized this dream. I watch how these images of exquisite beauty create an experience of healing for the body, mind and spirit. People tell me how when they look at my artwork, they feel a sense of deep joy and inner contentment.

You may have heard the expression; "the eyes are the window to the soul". This is very true and works both ways. We are deeply affected by what we see. This is why I feel it is important to look upon beautiful images which fill us with hope and promise for a future filled with love and peace.

It has been my goal to create artwork that would uplift us day after day and year after year. Collectors say that every time they look at my art, it invites them into a very positive and peaceful experience. This is what I describe as great art, not from an egotistical point of view but rather from the desired result. Great art would be that which gives us the experience of . . . the more we look at it, the more we receive from it . . . and it never lets us down. It is like falling in love with exquisite beauty, the beauty that surpasses all understanding. It is always nourishing.

This is why it can be utilized by children and adults of all ages, and why it is most effective in hospitals, prisons, schools, and businesses. Again I say this not from an egotistical view . I believe great art is art that can heal with beauty.

I have many collectors who are health practitioners who have the art in their clinics. They report that their clients seem to forget their worries and their stress when they look at the paintings. The practitioners are then able to work more easily and effectively with their clients as they are more relaxed. I am often told the art changes the ambiance of a room to one that creates harmony and balance.

Some people call my art sacred geometry; forms and colors that trigger more expanded states of consciousness, taking us into a state of pure ecstatic feeling.

I am obsessed with creating greater and greater dimensions of exquisite beauty. What fascinates me as an artist is knowing I will not keep painting in the same style. The art just keeps expanding.

My experience when I paint is that I start by being quiet, visualizing what I want to paint. The images then begin to appear. When I start to paint there is a feeling in the image and it just keeps evolving. I feel like I am in a trance. I look at the canvas and magic happens.

I see the art lending itself towards all fields of entertainment from the live performing arts to video and film. Someday I will create a video of the metamorphosis of a painting so the viewer can see the magic of how a painting evolves.

I am very fulfilled as an artist creating images that open the heart and nourish the human spirit. I feel this art is sacred.


"All true art must help the soul to realize the inner self. . . true art must be evidence of the happiness, contentment and spirituality of it's authors." ......Gandhi

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